May 1st, 2020

Is it better to replace windows or siding first?

Well, to answer how messy window replacement is, we’ll say it depends on the condition of the existing windows and their condition. Another factor to this is if you’re replacing like-for-like windows, or are you get a larger-sized window replacement? Are you getting new siding with your window replacement, how many windows are you replacing? If possible, have the window replacement done at the same time as the siding replacement. There are some industry experts who will tell you either can be first, but most of them will tell you if you have to choose between one or the other, window replacement should be done first. While doing siding and window replacement separately can be done with no extra cost, chances are a contractor will charge you more for siding replacement first. Most contractors say when they are doing siding replacement and window replacement at the same time, they do the window replacement first. This allows them to get the windows precisely placed and capped, a protective covering, before the siding replacement. Why does it matter?
  • Window Capping: If your siding replacement is your first choice, the existing window capping could be damaged and must be replaced then to avoid further damage to your home. Then when you have the window replacement done, new capping will be needed again, meaning you’ve paid for capping twice. 
  • Moisture Barrier: Another potential problem you could be faced with by doing the siding first is the moisture barrier. A moisture barrier is placed around the windows before the window replacement is done. A moisture barrier is also installed before the siding replacement. If the siding replacement is done first, some of it will need to be removed when the window replacement is done so the moisture barrier can be installed.

Should I replace all windows at once?

Getting replacement windows and doors is not a small expense or project. You need to be ready financially, mentally, physically. But then, asking if window replacement one-by-one or all at once is better, the general answer is “It depends.” No home, no window replacement project is the same in materials, size, or style, and the number of windows.

The ultimate decision is usually the homeowner’s budget. When door and window replacement is needed, the budget may only afford one at a time, starting the worst one first. If your finances allow it though, replacing several or all at once is the best option for both aesthetics and energy efficiency. 

What is the best time of year to replace Windows?

This depends on you and your contractor’s schedule. An experienced, reliable window replacement contractor will have the equipment, manpower, and tools to get the job done professionally and quickly. You should not expect to handle a hole in your house without being protected from the cold. Another concern that gives many people thought about having window replacement installed is the adhesives and caulking.  

The late spring and summer months are popular times for door and window replacement, and because of that, you could have scheduling conflicts. As far as comfort while the work is being done, winter is better and easier to deal with keeping warm than keeping cool in the summer.

Spring and summer bring rain and storms, another factor to consider. Window install appointments have to work around that, but get on the schedule as soon as possible, even if the date is a month or two out is always recommended.

How long does it take to replace one window?

Again, it can depend on many factors, but the average time for one window replacement can take up to one hour. A professional window replacement company can do 15 windows in a day if there are no extenuating situations.

What are the best replacement windows?

Another question that is answered with “it depends”.  They base the factors involved with this question on what you are looking for and what you can afford. Each has unique features they offer with a product from replacement windows without frame to replacement windows with blinds, the choices are many! The following is a list of three window manufacturers that are considered the top of the industry for a variety of reasons: Andersen Windows: A top marketer and manufacturer for window replacement, and cheaper than the competitors! They sell new construction and replacement lines in both casement and double-hung styles, in clad, composite, vinyl, or wood. Choose windows that are argon or gas-filled glass to give you the highest efficiency and low emissivity. Pella Windows: A top marketer and manufacturer with casement and double-hung styles that also come in clad, vinyl, or wood, and aluminum construction. Custom sizes and special orders are available. Preservation Windows: This manufacturer offers an upgraded tackle and block balance, making their windows more durable with easier operation. They offer stained glass and a wide range of exterior colors. Because of their BetterView screens, more light comes through than other windows offer.