Charitable Giving
and Sponsorships

APEX Roofing is active in the local community and is supportive of a variety of charitable organizations and causes including The Caring Place, The Williamson County Animal Shelter, The Living Grace Canine Ranch for elderly dogs, Local High School Athletic Sponsorships, The Kiwanis Club, Faith-based Organizations, Local Radio.

Professional Affiliations


APEX Roofing is a Contract Member of RCAT, a statewide trade association that strengthens APEX’s prominence in the industry. Membership aids APEX in providing its customers with the utmost in quality, integrity and service within the roofing industry. Membership Includes:

  • Critical networking opportunities with top industry leaders
  • Peer-to-peer learning and mentorship programs
  • Continuing education and development
  • Updating of industry Best Practices
  • Immediate access to news and developments affecting the roofing industry

CertainTeed Shingle Master

APEX Roofing has achieved accreditation as a certified CertainTeed Select Master Applicator; a distinction achieved by only 3% of all roofing contractors. The Master Shingle Applicator™ qualification is based on the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual test, which includes the complex requirements and recommendations for the installation of a high-quality shingle roof system. The CertainTeed Shingle Master Credential Course covers CertainTeed roofing products, application standards, single technology, and quality. APEX Roofing also actively participates in CertainTeed’s Roofing Responsibility Recycling Program and promotes CertainTeed Energy Star® rated products.

Sustainable Pavement Technologies

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

APEX Roofing is environmentally conscience and takes its role in conservation and sustainability efforts seriously. Local SPT recycling centers allow APEX Roofing to recycle 100% of its waste asphalt roofing materials. The average home consists of approximately 3-4 tons of roofing shingles which contains roughly 6 barrels of oil. Recycling keeps this oil based product out of landfills and conserves the demand for oil and mined aggregates.

Recycled shingles are used in a variety of ways including:

  • Asphalt Pavement
  • Alternative Fuel
  • Road and Ground Cover
  • Patch materials for such things as potholes, sidewalks, ramps, bridges, and parking lots.

Strategic Partners

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