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Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

Lasting Roof 
Repair Solutions
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A common misconception is that if a roof is leaking or damaged, it needs to be totally replaced. The good news is that simple repairs can often solve a leaky roof and save time and expense! Many problems can be found around chimneys, deteriorated flashing, or degraded fascia. Like a detective, our “Roof Whisperer” head contractor takes pride in finding any roofing system’s problems. 

APEX Roofing is proud to be rated the best roofing contractor in Georgetown, TX. We won’t rest until we uncover where the damage is and resolve those issues. We are fully licensed, certified, and bonded. Your roof is in good hands with us; call APEX Roofing today at (512) 660-4859 and schedule an appointment for a Georgetown residential roof repair!


Helpful Repair Solutions

No roof is the same, and APEX Roofing knows it well after decades on the job. Our experienced roof repair professionals treat and inspect each building with care and a critical eye. Roofing emergencies can’t be predicted, nor can storm damage by Mother Nature always be prevented. That’s why APEX Roofing offers after-hours assistance for emergency roof repairs, with emergency tarping services also available. However, feel free to call for a free roof inspection, so you are not caught off-guard. We also offer roof tune-ups that keep your roof healthy while giving you peace of mind. Call or email us today and ask how we can assist you with your current Georgetown roofing solution!


Quality Roofing Service In 4 Easy Steps

1. Inspection & Planning

First, we inspect the building and decide if it needs only a few roof repairs or a total roof replacement. Pictures are taken for any needed insurance purposes, and the next steps are recommended to the homeowner, such as meeting the adjuster on site.

2. Development & Design

We provide a written quote with an estimated date of installation, materials list, and scope of work. Colors are also chosen at this stage, and if all is approved, a contract is signed.

3. Execution & Delivery

Materials are typically dropped off a day in advance of installation. The roofing crew then arrives to install your new roof. On average, an installation takes between 1-3 days as your project manager continually oversees the project. The site is then totally cleared of all debris upon job completion.  

4. Quality Follow-Up

Payment typically will be collected at this time. If insurance is involved, our accounting department then files completion paperwork. Click here for our Workmanship Warranty and/or questions regarding insurance payments and claims.

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

Roof Storm Damage Repair in Georgetown, TX

Texas homeowners face the potential for damage to their roofs regularly, whether it be from hail, wind, pests, UV damage, or natural aging and erosion. Just think of the beating Georgetown roofing systems take, even from the scalding summer sun! Fortunately, APEX Roofing is here to fix your roofing dilemmas. We offer prompt, reliable roof repair and replacement services and also emergency tarping services when you need them.

Roof Damage after Storm
Hail Damage on Roof

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leaks Happen, Don’t Stress. Call Our Experts Right Away and We Can Help! Water leaks are incredibly stressful because water can also damage interior ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture. Water also causes damage to the home’s structural beams and supports and potentially causes black mold. Our roof inspections are free of charge!

Wind Damage Repair

High winds can destroy an aging or compromised roof within minutes! Sometimes too, it could happen over a matter of years where shingles slowly deteriorate or move around, slowly causing leaks into the sub roofing, attic, and interior structural support beams. A sure sign of damage is shingles laying on the ground. After a bad windstorm, consider a roof inspection, free of charge!

Hail Damage Repairs

Getting caught in a hail storm is downright scary and dangerous to all things living and our property, including our homes and roofs! Roofing takes a severe beating during a hail storm and it is crucial to have a free roofing inspection after a storm, to ensure there was no damage. If there IS damage, it’s even more important to have the damage repaired or the roof replaced before other natural weather-related incidences wreak further havoc on your home. Shingles, fiberglass, fascia, and flashing all can suffer after a Texas-style hail storm.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

APEX Roofing proudly has one of the best chimney repair specialists in the county. If there is a repair needed around your chimney, he will find it! Chimneys are extremely vulnerable when it comes to potential roof issues because it directly enters your home through your roof, which means water and pests can find their way in and wreak havoc inside as well. Have your chimney inspected by APEX Roofing! 

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Your home’s soffit and fascia produce much-needed security for the bottom section of your roofing system. If you’ve started to notice an increased presence of pests in your home, it might be time to have our team perform an inspection.

Flashing Repair

Strong, new flashing is a major safeguard against water leakage. It offers protection around your chimney and areas prone to water leakage. Otherwise, water can leak INTO your home in minuscule amounts and cause slow damage over time which means expensive repairs inside and out down the road. 

Roofing Emergency Repairs

Homeowners can suffer some frustrating side effects when it comes to water damage to a roof. As the water drips into the attic, the residual moisture may rot wood supports, ruin insulation, and facilitate the growth of mold spores. This process does take time to develop, but undiscovered leaks often have all the time they need. Yes, leaks are an unsettling problem that all too often gets worse with time. Timely repair should help you avoid the majority of side effects from the excess moisture, but that requires you to call as soon as possible when you discover the symptoms.

For your peace of mind, call APEX Roofing in Georgetown, TX, for a free roof inspection for any storm damage. We’re always happy to help, so contact us for prompt emergency assistance!

Let The Quality Of Our Work Speak For Itself

When you’re ready to get started, we will quickly get to work installing your new roofing system. We perform quality checks at each stage to ensure that our work is on-target until it is done. You can expect impeccable craftsmanship and lasting results once the project is completed. Don’t just take our word for it, though.

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Roof Leak Repair

Full-Service Roof Leak Repairs Near You

APEX Roofing addresses customer needs with full-service results backed by the latest knowledge and time-tested skill alike. Our team of local roofing experts are equipped for the job regardless if it's as simple as addressing a few leaks or as difficult as replacing a roofing system in its entirety. Contact us via email or phone call to stop that “slight leak” from turning into an outright flood within your walls.
Roof Leak Repair
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