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Finding a reputable residential roofing company in Marble Falls, TX doesn’t need to be a stressful endeavor. APEX Roofing has been providing clients quality roofing services nearby for several years. Our local roofing company works diligently to make sure that the roofs we provide for our patrons are the strongest on the market. All of the roofing materials we employ in the endeavor come from the industry’s leading manufacturers. The roofing team we employ to attach these products is composed of expert craftsmen. We also strive to offer superior communication and feedback services. If you need to hire a local residential roofing company that does roofing the right way, contact APEX via phone or email to schedule a free consultation! 

Roof Replacement Contractor

Roof Replacement Services You Can Trust

All roofing materials have an estimated lifespan. After multiple years of being exposed to various weather conditions, your roof will inevitably deteriorate and need to be thoroughly repaired or replaced. If you want to hire a reliable residential roofing company for your roof replacement in Marble Falls, TX, reach out APEX Roofing here. We have the experience and skills to install all types of roofing options, and we can aid you in choosing the roof that’s right for your needs. If you’re not sure about the condition of your roofing system or if your home needs a total roof replacement, we also offer local roofing inspection services. After your inspection is finished, our team of nearby roof replacement professionals will be more equipped to help you determine the best solution. No matter the services your roofing system requires, our staff is standing by to help. You can peruse the links below to learn more about the other services we provide.

Redefining the Roofing Experience

We Provide Quality Roofing in 4 Easy Steps

The value of a quality roof is hard to overstate, but it often goes overlooked. A professional roof inspection on a clear day can spot any creeping or critical flaws in a roofing system and fix them up before the next storm hits!

Inspection & Planning:
First, our Professional and Experienced Roof Inspectors will look over your roof to determine whether a repair or replacement is needed. We take photos and video of the damage and from there will help you determine the next steps to repairing, or replacing your roof. If insurance is involved, we will ensure they have what they need in order for us to proceed.
Development & Design
Our written quotes will include an estimated date of installation, a material list, and an overview of the work to be done. Colors and other decisions are finalized before the contract is signed.
Execution & Delivery
Roofing material is typically delivered one day prior to the roof’s installation. Once our roofing crew gets to work, we shoot for one day completion time, unless otherwise noted. Your assigned Project Manager is always present to supervise the job and to keep you informed of the happenings. Once the work is complete, every worksite is cleaned over the course of a few days to ensure no nails or debris are left behind.
Quality Follow-up
After payment has been collected, the accounting department prepares your final paperwork, handles any insurance claim issues that are still needed to be taken care of, and we will make sure if there’s anything you need, we are handling it in a timely manner.
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Marble Falls Residential Roofing Services

When you want to ensure that you have a reliable roof on your home, choose APEX Roofing as the local residential roofing company for all your roofing needs. We offer services to repair, replace, and maintain all parts of your roofing system. We’re able to repair all styles of roofing systems back to peak functionality. We also provide roofing services including skylight and sun tube installation. When you want the best residential roofing services in Marble Falls, TX, reach out to our staff via phone or email. We are here to make sure that your home has the finest possible roofing system available in our industry.

Metal is stronger than other common roofing materials. Metal roofs offer longer lifespans than most traditional roofing materials, and they’re able to endure much more wrath from Mother Nature. Additionally, the installation process for a metal roofing system is streamlined and generally inexpensive. As a local residential roofing company, APEX Roofing is more than equipped to tackle your metal roof installation in Marble Falls, TX.

Are you looking to install a shingle roof on your home? The current market for roofing products offers a large choice of styles regarding roofing shingles. Each option of roofing shingle is designed to offer unique benefits for your house. When you want to elevate the curb appeal of your home, there are roofing shingles that offer a timeless-looking roof. Other shingles are engineered to better shield your structure from hail and wind. Whatever type of shingle you’re looking for, APEX Roofing is able to source it and install it. Give us a phone call or email to schedule a free consultation and set up an appointment.

Types of Roof Repairs

Roof Leak Repair

An unrepaired roof leak can cause water damage and mold growth that can ruin interior ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture. If you have found a leak in your roof, reach out to our experts for a free roof inspection.

Wind Damage Repair

Missing roofing materials are a sure sign that your roof was damaged in the last wind storm. High winds can destroy a compromised roof within minutes! Wind can also cause damage over years by slowly deteriorating or moving shingles, causing leaks into the sub roofing, attic, and interior structural support beams. Contact APEX Roofing to take a look at your roof after a major storm.

Hail Damage Repairs

A hail-damaged roof has been compromised and can no longer shield your house from water damage. It is imperative to get your roof inspected after a hail storm to determine the amount of damage to create a plan for repair or a total roof replacement.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

APEX Roofing is proud to offer the best quality chimney repair services in the county. Chimneys can be extremely vulnerable when your roof has a leak or needs repair. With our chimney repair service, our technicians can make sure your chimney isn’t leaking or having additional issues. Have your chimney inspected by APEX Roofing! 

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Soffits and fascia need to be maintained in order to prevent significant damage to your attic. If you’ve started to notice an increased presence of pests in your home, it might be time to have our team perform an inspection.

Flashing Repair

Strong, new flashing is a major safeguard against water leakage. It offers protection around your chimney and areas prone to water leakage. Otherwise, water can leak INTO your home in minuscule amounts and cause slow damage over time which means expensive repairs inside and out down the road. 

The Quality of Our Work Speaks for Itself

If you’re ready to begin, our team will get to work quickly to install your new roofing system. APEX performs quality inspection checks along several points of the process to make sure that our work is top-notch. Customers can always expect superb craftsmanship and long-lasting results after their project is completed. Don’t simply take our word for it; click here to see what our customers have to say about us!

More Useful Services for Your Marble Falls Residence

We might seem primarily as a residential roofing company in Marble Falls, TX, but APEX Roofing offers several other services for our clients to select from. Structural facets and other protectors around houses, such as siding, will require repairs or a whole replacement eventually, so that’s why our nearby roofing company offers services for us to help our clients out regarding these matters, too. From repairing a chimney to an installation or new window screens, our professional services will improve the durability and appearance of your home. Make life easier by choosing us as your one-stop-shop for all needed roofing and residential services instead of wasting time juggling countless companies for each task.

Roof Leak Repair in Marble Falls

As a full-service Marble Falls roofing company, APEX Roofing is equipped to deploy a team of expert roofers to address any issues your home might have. Regardless if you have a few minor leaks in need of repairs or you have a critically damaged roofing system that needs to be totally replaced, our residential and commercial roofing specialists are here for you. Contact us via phone or email today so that what might be “just a little water” at first won't worsen into a flood within your walls.

Real Customers Love Us


Jeff and Everett did a great job on a roof repair after the September hail storm and upgraded our roof flashing to block pests. Jeff came back the next morning to follow up on a small spot they missed. Great service and easy to work with. I will call Apex in the future. 

Paul de Paoli
Google Review

Project manager John Bear and his company Apex Roofing have done a wonderful job installing a new roof and gutters with gutter screens on my 21-year-old house whose last roof was installed in 2010. We installed a new roof then, and the last gutter job was in 2003. John made it easy for me. I met him one day and that same day he inspected my roof. He met the adjuster when he came to put the estimate together. I was not even present for that. We also got approved and attic breeze 45 watt solar fan which should make my attic much cooler and reduce my energy cost. Additionally, I will get a tax credit for the solar fan. I was only out of pocket for my $3000 deductible and 500 to upgrade to class 4 impact resistant shingle. I got the $34,000 roof for $3500. John was there the entire day the roof was installed. He checked everything very carefully throughout the process. I highly recommend Apex Roofing and John Bear. Five star all the way! 

Jim Word
Google Review

A neighbor near me recommended APEX Roofing. I had commented while I was on a walk how nice their roof looked after their job was completed. So glad I chose APEX for my roof replacement. My APEX specialist was Jonah Rivera; I could not have been more satisfied! Honesty, integrity, very knowledgeable about insurance procedures, a roofing expert, and of course his friendliness. Jonah was here onsite while most of the install took place. The crew was excellent, fast, and cleaned up well after the job. THANK YOU Jonah, the APEX staff, and the very hard working crew for a great job!! 

David R Durham
Google Review

We had a great experience with Apex. John Bear was a pleasure to work every step of the way. He was always prompt and clear in his communication and helped us work with our insurance company. He’s also a genuinely friendly person. Our new roof was completed in a day and looks great. I know some of my friends will be needing new roofs in the near future, and I won’t hesitate to refer them to Apex. 

Rachael Hellman
Google Review

These guys were great! The before and after make my house seem brand new! They made it so easy working with the insurance company. I had another company bid and try to screw me over. This team went the extra mile to be fair and honest. Thank you! 

Mollie Kirby
Google Review

Adam and his crew with Apex did a great job! I used their service to replace two roofs over 90 days. Very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and tidy upon completion. Adam is both trustworthy and committed to doing his work with excellence. 

David Robinson
Google Review

Apex Roofing are amazing. We have worked with them on two completely replaced roofing projects for our communities as well as smaller repair roofing projects and each time as been excellent work done. They are very communicative regards to scheduling and keeping us updated on status of our projects. 

Chelcey Tennison
Google Review

We used APEX for a roof repair on a old metal roof. They recommended repair and not full roof replacement. They replaced all the screws, added and/or replaced old flashing and replaced rotten wood. Excellent work. It took longer to do the work and did not charge extra.. just paid their estimate. 

Russell Roper
Google Review

This is the second time I have used APEX Roofing. Our contact Chris Montgomery did a great job of keeping us informed of the process and what was next. The roof was damaged by hail and looks great after replacement. I have recommended APEX and Chris to our neighbors and friends for their roofing needs. 

James Reese
Google Review

From start to finish Ray Downer and crew were fantastic. Professional, punctual, very patient with me, explained everything, wonderful work, a Godsend honestly. Highly recommend. 

Amanda Waters
Google Review
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