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Your Premier Attic Breeze Solar Ventilator Installation!
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Your Premier Attic Breeze Solar Ventilator Installation

As you may already be well aware, the heat of the summer can be exceedingly miserable and unforgettable. Our team at APEX Roofing understands this fact very well. That’s why we are proud to provide an attic breeze solar ventilation installation in Georgetown, TX that will alleviate this circumstance. These impressive installations come with a lifetime warranty, are solar-powered, and are totally self-contained — no electricity necessary. It’s our duty to be responsible for providing our customers the best roofing installations. With a 26% federal tax credit extended for every solar ventilator installation, you can reap the benefits of ventilation that will provide dividends for the future.

Save Money And Make Your Home More Comfortable

There are many ways you can make your home more insulated, ventilated, and efficient. These ways include proper attic ventilation, an excellent roof installation, and routine roof repairs as the years pass. With an attic breeze solar-powered ventilation installation, you will have the ability to keep your attic cool without expending any electricity in the process. These units are made in TX, which means that when you invest in one of these installations, you are investing in a company that directly benefits TX. In addition, APEX Roofing is happy to offer 0% financing available for twelve months, which adds an extra incentive to properly ventilate your home or property.

Solar Powered Ventilation That Removes Moisture Build-Up

When it rains, moisture has a tendency to build up over time, leaking into the tiniest nooks and crannies of your roof. With the Attic Breeze solar ventilation system, this extra moisture and humidity will naturally dissipate through the solar activity of this apparatus. 

Additionally, during the summer, the sun’s rays will make the ventilation system work harder than ever, keeping your attic comparatively cooler and drier.

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