Did Your Roof Really Survive The Storm? 

Did Your Roof Really Survive The Storm?

Was your roof unharmed by the recent winter storms once the precipitation cleared? Maybe not! The fierce winter storms that tore through much of the US, left a trail of destruction. In addition to the unexpected snowfall, downed trees, and power outages, the heavy ice caused damage to many roofs. In areas unaccustomed to winter weather of such magnitude, the storms caused both cosmetic and structural damage with long-term consequences.

Damage Caused by Strong Weather

Roofing problems caused by ice storms may not be apparent upon first glance, but under the surface, there could be damage that can quickly turn catastrophic. Melting ice and snow on roofs exposed shingles, chimney flashing, and vent pipes to an unusual amount of moisture at once, drastically increasing the chance of moisture seeping into attics. A long-term effect of moisture leakage could be an expensive and hazardous mold or mildew problem in your home.

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