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An APEX roof guards and protects all that you love and we’re proud to be a part of it. By far the most popular residential roofing solution on the market today, asphalt shingles provide a dependable level of protection and functionality for a fantastic price. Shingles offer simple repair and maintenance requirements, plus they come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles for your design preferences. When you need a tried and true roofing solution, an asphalt shingle installation is the simple choice! At APEX Roofing, we’ve provided affordable roofing solutions for countless local homeowners. That includes professional repairs and replacement services. With our experienced roofing experts, you can expect lasting results for your investment.

Anatomy of a Roof

Replacement Service

Perhaps the time has come to replace the aging roof on your home. As shingles near the end of their expected lifetime, it’s more common to find signs of wear, including cupping, missing granules and lifted sections. For suburban neighborhoods with houses built around the same time, you may start to see your neighbors getting their roofs replaced. Of course, there’s always the chance storm damage has forced early roof replacement.

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Anatomy of a Roof

From Decking to Shingles, We Take Pride In Our Work

Are you looking to install a roof for the first time? It may feel like a daunting project at first, but our experienced roofers will happily walk you through each step. This includes selecting the right color, texture, and material for your roofing system. We’ll recommend cost-effective options that are in line with your budget and functional needs so that you’re equipped to make this crucial decision.
Basic Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

Durable, Stylish Roof Materials

After installation, your family will enjoy many years of quality weather protection. Basic asphalt shingles typically last for 30 years with consistent upkeep, while premium shingle solutions may last up to 30 and 50 years. During that time, you can expect very capable defense against rain, pests, Texas heat, the occasional cold front, and much more!

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Let The Quality Of Our Work Speak For Itself

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll quickly get to work installing your new roofing system. We perform quality checks at each stage to ensure that our work is beyond reproach. You can expect impeccable craftsmanship and lasting results once the project is completed! Don’t just take our word for it though. See what our customers have to say about us!


Quality Roofing Service In 4 Easy Steps

The value of a thorough roof inspection is hard to overstate. A timely inspection can be the difference between cheap preventative maintenance and a costly emergency down the road. 

1. Inspection & Planning

First, we inspect the roof and decide if it needs only repairs or a total replacement. Pictures are taken for insurance purposes, if needed and then next steps are recommended to the homeowner, like meeting the adjustor on site.

2. Development & Design

We provide a written quote with an estimated date of installation, material list, and scope of work. Colors are also chosen at this stage, and if all is approved, a contract is signed.

3. Execution & Delivery

Materials are dropped off typically a day in advance of installation. The roofing crew then arrives to install your new roof. On average, an installation takes between 1-3 days as your project manager continually oversees the project. The site is then totally cleared of all debris, nails, and trash upon job completion. Any leftover material will be picked up within a few days.

4. Quality Follow-Up

Payment typically will be collected at this time. If insurance is involved, our accounting department then files completion paperwork. Click here for our Workmanship Warranty and/or questions regarding insurance payments and claims.

1. Missing Shingles
2. Water Damage
3. Underlay Tears
4. Vent Pipes
5. Siding Seals
Catch Problems Before They Start

Common Roof Issues & Damage

The amount of degradation a single roof leak can inflict is unbelievable. Vulnerabilities in your roofing system, such as curled shingles, will be uncovered during a thorough inspection. Afterwards, your insightful roofer will provide cost-effective repair options for dealing with each challenge.
We Can Help

Our Insurance Experts Are Here To Help

When you are speaking to an insurance adjuster, keep your answers short about your roof storm damage and don’t give any details if they aren’t specifically asked by the adjuster. Inaccurate statements from you could come back to damage your claim.

APEX Roofing has a previous insurance adjuster on staff and we use his expertise to help guide the homeowner through the claims process.


Request an inspection for a qualified roofing company.


Contact your insurance company if damage is found and file a claim.


When your insurance adjustor sets up an appointment to do your property inspection, let your roofer know so they can be there on your behalf during the inspection and share our findings as well.


Contact your roofing company when you receive your paperwork/or a check from your insurance company. Sign the contract and pick out shingle type/colors. Then the roofing company orders your materials and your roof replacement project is scheduled!
Roof Inspection

Schedule an Inspection for Your Insurance Claim

Repairing your roofing system following a storm may not necessarily be a part of your financial plan. The good news is that most homeowner’s insurance plans will pay for at least some of the price of storm damage repairs. In order to get this service, you will need to file an insurance claim, which will require an inspection form from a professional residential roofing company. Apex Roofing is here to help. We offer services to assess your roof for your roof damage insurance claim in Hutto, TX. After the paperwork has been filed and the claim approved, we are always willing to return and complete all the needed repairs.