Solaris Reflective Solar Shingles

Solaris Reflective Solar Shingles

Learn about Solaris Reflective Solar Shingles!
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Solar Shingles

The Newly-Available Landmark Solaris AR Cool Roof Shingles Are Now Nationwide!

Keeping your home cool in hot weather has never been easier. The popular Landmark shingle now comes in a cool roof version, the Landmark Solaris AR. This unique shingle features a proprietary blend of special granulates on its surface that partially reflects solar energy better than other roofing shingles. Independent testing shows that Solaris Cool Roof technology can reflect up to 44% of solar heat, preventing your living spaces from heating up and saving you on energy costs. 

5 Benefits of Solaris Reflective Shingles

The Landmark Solaris AR shingle provides numerous advantages, such as: 

1) Energy Savings

Let’s face it: everyone wants to save more money. One of the best ways to save some green is to install reflective solar shingles on your roof. A roofing system with solar-reflective shingles will be able to endure harsh rays in even the most daunting of environments while keeping your home cooler. Not only will your A/C not need to work as hard, but you’ll be able to stay comfortable throughout the day. 

2) Color Versatility 

Want all of the benefits of reflecting the harsh rays of the sun but don’t want to sacrifice on your home’s aesthetics? Our reflective solar shingles present with deep, authentic colors in multiple shades which also include the most popular darker shades of AR shingles. Choose these solar shingles when your home’s appearance means as much as its functionality. 

3) Compliance With Solar Reflectance Codes 

Understanding solar reflectance codes isn’t always easy; not all shingles that claim to reflect the sun’s rays actually perform as rated by the manufacturer. Landmark Solaris AR Cool Roof shingles surpass the standards of the Cool Roof Rating Council, which is the organization that sets the standard for solar shingles. 

4) LEED Certification/Green Building Qualifications

The special granules of the Landmark Solaris AR shingle are not only more environmentally friendly, but they’re also effective at reducing your home’s energy footprint. These small granules work together to reflect the rays of the sun back into the atmosphere so that your home stays cool and you consume less power, making these solar shingles the perfect addition to your Earth-friendly home. 

5) Industry-Leading Warranty

Landmark Solaris AR Cool Roof shingles come with an industry-leading warranty. On the off chance that there’s an issue with one of your shingles, Landmark will honor its replacement by a professional roofing company like APEX. Never worry about the quality of your roofing system’s solar shingles when the manufacturer is backing them with an iron-clad warranty. 

Build Sustainably With APEX and Landmark Solaris AR Cool Roof Shingles

Don’t sacrifice beauty in your pursuit of going green and a lower energy bill. Customize your roofing system’s color and maximize its UV resistance by choosing Landmark Solaris AR and APEX as your local roofing company. With more and more homeowners asking for cool roof shingles, now is the time to take advantage of this important technology. Call or email APEX Roofing to learn more about Landmark Solaris AR Cool Roof shingles and to get a free quote for installation today! 

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