Dec 2nd, 2022

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Roof Tiles?

The average cost for the removal and replacement of damaged roofing tiles will vary depending on the material and the amount that needs to be repaired. The most expensive roofing tiles to replace will be customized tiles or tiles made of expensive metals, while clay and asphalt tiles will generally be the cheapest. Labor costs will also play a role, though a professional tile roof repair company such as APEX is able to perform roof repair services to fit nearly any budget. 

Can a Tile Roof Be Repaired?

If you're worrying about possibilities for repairing a tile roofing system, then don't fret. One of the main advantages of a tile roof is its ease of repair. For example, if a roof tile is cracked or torn off, all it takes is the quick work of a skilled professional to place new tiles as needed. In order to ensure that the new roof tile has a uniform appearance when compared to the rest of your roof, APEX strives to match all of your roof's unique features during the repair. We have a wide assortment of roofing tiles for repairs that are sure to match what's on your existing structure. We're also able to source special, custom tiles as needed. 

What's the Lifespan of a Tile Roofing System?

There are some tile roofs that have lasted for generations with the proper care and maintenance put into them. This is added upon if its installation was completed by experienced roofers. Most tile roofing systems can be expected to last for approximately 50 years. Having a local tile roofing company like APEX come out to regularly inspect your roof, especially after storms or if you notice loose tiles on your property, will go a long way towards meeting and ever exceeding this projection. 

What Are Common Reasons for Repairing a Tile Roof?

Tile roofing is very robust, but like most roofing materials, it requires in-depth knowledge to install properly. When a tile roof is installed by local roofing professionals like APEX, homeowners can expect it to function well for decades. However, if a tile roof isn't maintained well, especially after a storm that caused damage, leaks are inevitable. Much like a phalanx losing its interlocking soldiers, the whole system will fail eventually as high winds wreak havoc. Have your tile roofing system repaired and maintained by the best local roofing company in the industry. 

Is a Leaking Tile Roof an Emergency?

For a tile roof, leaks can sometimes represent an emergency, though it will depend on its severity. If you happen to notice that your roof is leaking significantly from the interior or exterior of your home facade, it's time to call a nearby roof repair service immediately. Minor leaks and water damage only worsen over time, and with a proper roof repair, you can stop the insidious growth of dangerous molds. Even if you only have discoloration on your ceilings, don't delay. Sometimes all it takes is a simple tile replacement to repair a leaking roof. 

How to Repair a Tile Roof

Professionally repairing roofing tile takes the right combination of skills and experience to perform safely and efficiently. Work that will typically be done consists of the following basic steps: 

1) Scrub the surface the tile was on with a wire brush to make it level and remove any adhesives or gunk.

2) If the existing tile is still attached, then carefully remove it by breaking it up as needed or lifting the entire tile away.

3) Remove remaining debris and dry the area if water has been forming. Installing a tile over moisture will only cause mold to grow in a protected place.

4) Apply the new adhesive (such as cement) or attach the tile mechanically, depending on the roof. 

5) Check the tile's security before moving on to the next one. 

Repairing vs. Replacing a Tile Roof

Typically, your decision to repair vs. replace a tile roofing system will depend on its age and the extent of any damages. If your tile roof has been installed for decades, even if it hasn't started leaking, it may be a good time to hire a nearby roofing company to perform a roof inspection. APEX provides such services while also providing you with documentation that addresses any damages and their causes so that you can pursue all available options. Depending on the situation, your roof repair or replacement might be covered by your homeowner's insurance. APEX Roofing will help you throughout the entire claims process to make sure that you're able to get the protection your home needs. 

Tile Roof Repair Near Me

APEX Roofing has consistently been rated the top roofing company for repairing or replacing a tile roof. Websites like Nextdoor and our track record with the BBB show our work comes highly recommended by those who've chosen us to repair their roof. If you're interested in joining our legacy of successful tile roofing projects, we'd love to show you why we're the best in the business. Give APEX Roofing a call or send us an email to schedule a free consultation and roof inspection today