Customer Care Department

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Customer Care Department

APEX Roofing's Brand Ambassador Jennifer Forgey saw a need to further connect with our customers, so she created the first Customer Care Department in Central Texas for a Roofing company. Our Brand Ambassador also has  29 years of intense customer service & sales training. She has won several national sales awards and created a Customer Care Department for Oakwood Corporate Housing during the height of the population increase in Arizona.

APEX is First!

FIRST in the Industry and FIRST to create our own in-house Customer Care Department. APEX Roofing is proud to present to you our own Customer Care Department. Customer Care is one of the bullseyes for APEX Roofing along with Employees. In a fast-paced world, Customer Service seems to be a lost art in most companies today. Mike Cochran, our owner, has worked hard to bring it back and not only that, bring it into an industry that really has been missing that key element.
What does this do for me?

Great Customer Service!

This is the first department of its kind in our area and as a leader in our local industry, we are always forward facing and taking steps ahead of the competition to enhance the customer experience. Our Customer Care Department lead team member, Jen Forgey, brings 29 years of intense customer service training as well as sales experience. We have several unique and fun surprises in place to help make your customer experience exceed your expectations! But we are not going to give away our secret sauce, you will just have to call in, book a service and find out!