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APEX Roofing

Custom & Luxury Roofing Division

APEX Roofing has been growing each year since we began in Georgetown, Texas in 2015. APEX Roofing prides itself on not being the typical roofing company. We are always a disrupter in the roofing industry by creating new departments and keeping up with the latest and greatest in roofing both technologically and with the products we offer.

Our departments have been created by our marketing and sales department after seeing the need to bring in corporate business facets into roofing. Our two departments are the first of their kind in the United States.

We believe in offering multiple options to our homeowner's when it comes to roofing. The custom and luxury roofing division is the new department we have created. We serve custom builders and customer's who are wanting to take their roof choice to the, "next level" and want to spend the money to have the very best in roofing out there.

Boutique & Custom Builders

Choosing a reliable, professional roofing company that can provide a superior service is paramount when looking for a luxury roof for your home. Not many local roofing contractors have experience fabricating bespoke roofing systems to dress up a structure with functional protection. This is where APEX Roofing comes in. Our boutique roofing services address highly specialized needs and products for your home’s must-haves. Unlike other roofing companies nearby that can only handle standard roof replacement or repair jobs, APEX is able to provide clients with the localized, customized TLC their specific roofing project demands. 

Other boutique builders have complex organizational structures with Byzantine communication lines that make understanding or planning a project difficult. Not so with APEX; our luxury roofing service is centered around a commitment to personalized care with time always available to talk with every client. We understand the importance of regular communication that’s transparent, informative, and direct. It’s our goal that our boutique roofing builders exceed your expectations. We do this by working hand-in-hand directly with our clients, architects, and design consultants to ensure that every detail of your project is carefully planned and fabricated in an efficient, clean, and beautiful manner. If you’re interested in working with the best boutique roofing company around, then APEX is ready to help bring your creative roofing vision to life. Reach out to us today via phone or email for a free consultation about our bespoke services and to begin the process! 

Custom Metal Roofing

When you want your home to benefit from the strength of a metal roofing system but want some added personality, custom metal roofing might just be what you’re looking for to get noticed from the curb. APEX Roofing designs and installs custom metal roofs with unique looks at a competitive price. 

Custom metal roofing makes your home look exceptional. If you want to make a lasting impression on guests and add value to your home, look no further. APEX installs all types of custom metal roofs professionally and smoothly thanks to decades of experience bringing the creative visions of our clients to life. We fabricate roofs to your exacting specifications that deliver legendary functionality and protection. Custom metal roofs allow our master craftsmen to show their skills in inspiring ways, all while delivering one-of-a-kind art to valued clients.  

From flat-seamed porch roofs to standing-seam arched roofs and everything in between, we’ve designed and installed it. Want to take advantage of APEX’s expertise in the custom metal roofing sector to improve your home? Get in touch with us here

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Solaris Reflective Solar Shingles Georgetown. TX

Solaris Reflective Solar Shingles

Keep your home cool during the hotter months of the year with the Solaris reflective solar shingles. The Landmark PRO Solaris® shingles are specialized shingles that feature a blend of special granulates on its surface that aids in reflecting solar energy more than any other roofing shingles. With Solaris Cool Roof technology reflecting up to 44% of solar heat, your home will remain cool while keeping money in your pockets due to its energy efficiency. Contact APEX Roofing today to learn more about Solaris reflective solar shingles. 

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