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Resilient and Energy-Efficient

Commercial Metal Roofing in Georgetown, TX

There aren’t many roofing systems that can compete with the longevity and security of a metal roof. However, not all roofing companies have the expertise and knowledge to get the most out of this strong material. The APEX Roofing team has plenty of both, so when it comes to installing the best commercial metal roofing systems in Georgetown, TX, accept nothing less than the best roofing company around. 

APEX Commerical Metal Roofing in Georgetown TX
Metal Roofing in Texas

Resilient Metals

APEX Roofing’s wide range of roofing materials comes with high standards of impact resistance and other special benefits. The two most popular choices for commercial metal roofing in Georgetown are aluminum and steel. Steel delivers impressive strength and rigidity at a very low weight. Business owners favor steel because of its ability to withstand inclement weather and slow aging. Several years after installation, a steel roof will be standing strong and sporting the same eye-catching sheen. Stone-coated steel brings the same benefits as a regular steel roofing system but presents a more natural aesthetic. Aluminum is practically immune to rust and is highly energy-efficient. Let our local commercial metal roofing professionals help you to make a choice that best reflects your style, budget, and goals. 

Styles to Match Any Aesthetic 

Why Choose Commercial Metal Roofing in Georgetown, TX?

Metal Shingles: these provide hardened protection, aesthetic harmony, and a simple design that elevates the look of your business from the street. 

Corrugated Metal Roofing: this delivers great weather and fire protection for your business. 

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: with stellar waterproofing qualities and headache-free maintenance, this form of commercial roofing in Georgetown, TX, features seams that overlap in vertical locking patterns to prevent rain from penetrating to the lower levels of your roof. 

Metal Shingles

These shingles feature a layered, symmetrical design that several homeowners adore. Experts in the roof construction industry have been utilizing them for generations, and metal shingles have only improved in availability and quality. This versatile roofing material provides durable protection, an aesthetic balance, protection, and a timeless design. 

Corrugated Paneling

Simple to install and easy to maintain, corrugated metal roofing panels come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Texas roofing companies generally categorize them by their panel thicknesses known as gauging. Thicker panels have lower gauge numbers. R panels and U panels are the most prominent types of corrugated metal panels on the market today. Each offers impressive fire, water, hail, and storm protection. The protective potential of corrugated metal is ideal for businesses, and multiple industries across the world now employ them as standard roofing. With the aid of an APEX Roofing professional nearby, you can easily discover the proper panel gauge and style that will fit with your brand’s aesthetics. Talk with Texas’ corrugated metal roofing professionals today! 

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam commercial metal roofing systems in Texas have incredible waterproofing and low maintenance demands. This form of metal roofing features overlapping vertical locks which stop water from slipping down into the lower levels. Installation is completed in one of two different ways that depends on your building’s frame slope. Prefabricated snap-lock panels speed the construction process because they only need to be “snapped” into position. However, snap lock metal roofing is only possible on roofing systems with low slopes. For steeper inclines, mechanical lock panels will be required. You will need an experienced metal roofing company like APEX to do the work since these locks must be fabricated on-site during the installation process. The standing seams are crafted with special tools to make your home immune to water damage, and we’ll answer any questions you may have during every step of the process. You can trust our roofers to provide your building impeccable craftsmanship and unbeatable service. 

Metal Roofing Material
Roofer Installing Metal Roof
Styles to Match Any Asthetic 

Commercial Metal Roofing

Business owners are drawn to metal roofs for numerous reasons. They provide several decades of extremely durable weather resistance, have fewer leaks, and are very energy efficient. All of this means fewer replacements and repairs for you in the long run. 

Steel Roofing

Out of all the roofing materials on the construction market today, few have the legacy of steel. Commercial steel roofing offers impressive strength and rigidity at a low weight. Many business owners favor it since it’s able to hold up so well over time. Keep your roof looking as good as the day it was installed with this cost-effective commercial roofing option. 

Stone Coated Steel

If you want a more natural aesthetic for your building but still want to embrace all of the benefits of steel roofing, then stone-coated steel is the perfect option. Our team can match your brand’s aesthetic with the ideal stone-like look, even delivering faux-shake or faux-tile finishes for those who desire the aesthetic. 

Aluminum Roofing

When deciding on a metal roofing system in Texas, some business owners are intimidated by the thought of rust. However, commercial aluminum roofing doesn’t have that risk thanks to its inherent immunity. Not only highly resistant to natural corrosion, aluminum reflects a high amount of sunlight, so it will save you money over time. Your HVAC unit will not have to work as hard to compensate for the summer heat. 

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Email or call our team to have your questions answered about any customizations or must-haves you need for your commercial metal roof in Georgetown, TX. With your APEX metal roof, you’ll enjoy decades of headache-free maintenance and elevated protection. Count on the best local roofing company in Georgetown to get the work done right the first time! 

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