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Metal Panel Roofing
in Georgetown, TX

APEX Roofing provides metal roofing panel options that allow for both practicality and customization. No matter the appearance desired or the substrate underneath, our wide selection of metal panel roofing choices provides the flexibility our customers crave.

APEX Metal Panel Roofing Georgetown, TX
Metal Panel Roofing in Georgetown, TX
Metal Panel Roof

Benefits of Metal Panel Roofing

When deciding on the best roofing material for your structure, it’s important to consider the benefits of metal roofing panels: 

Longevity and Durability: Metal panel roofing systems are designed to last longer than most other materials on the market. Many customers choose metal roofing panels for their buildings because of the science behind them that touts their resistance to corrosion and supreme durability.

Environmentally Friendly: Thanks to their ability to be easily recycled, metal panel roofs help homeowners go green while saving them some green at the same time. Metal panel roofing in Georgetown, TX, does an amazing job of reflecting heat and light from the sun back up and away from the roof they’re installed on.

Unbeatable Warranties: Metal panel roofing is cost-effective as an investment because they come with stellar warranties. APEX Roofing utilized only the finest materials from reputable manufacturers and suppliers when constructing metal panel roofs in Texas. 

APEX Roofing has a vast array of metal panel options to aid clients in customizing their structures accordingly. Regardless if you’re looking for aluminum, steel, standing seam panels, or more natural-looking steel roofing options, we have you covered. 

Why Choose Metal Panel Roofing in Georgetown, TX? 

When compared to buildings that make use of other roofing materials, metal panel roofing systems in Georgetown can last for approximately 60 years before needing replacement. In contrast, a shingle roofing system made of asphalt or similar material can, at best, hope for about half as long of a life. When the time finally comes when a metal panel roof needs to be replaced, the metal can be recycled, which lessens the impact on our nation’s landfills. 

Clients are able to customize their Texas metal panel roofs with a wide selection of natural materials that come in both classic and contemporary styles. From minimalistic to ornate, any theme keeps its curbside appeal for generations, and thanks to the uptick of metal panel roofing used for both residential and commercial projects, new style options are always coming out. 

Metal panel roofing systems in Georgetown also lower energy costs, making them more efficient and reducing HVAC workload. In a time where environmental change has hardly been greater in human history, opting for a metal panel roof goes a long way towards helping the planet in the long run. Depending on where it’s installed and the local weather conditions, a metal panel roof in Texas can lower air temperatures inside by an average of 13 degrees. 

Metal Roofing

Types of Metal Roofing Panels

While some recycled metal roofing panels feature a combination of materials, the most commonly used metals for metal panel roofing systems are listed below.

1) Aluminum

Aluminum is a non-corrosive, durable, and light material that is used throughout the roofing industry at large. Aluminum panel roofing in Texas performs particularly well installed around coastal regions thanks to its inherent resistance to rust.

2) Copper

Copper is very durable and suits many environments. Copper panel roofing is more expensive than aluminum or steel thanks to the raw cost of copper, but it provides a unique appearance and durability that allows it to last for generations.

3) Tin

Tin is commonly found as a metal on older metal panel roofs, a “tin roof” today usually refers to a metal roof made of steel. Tin roofing systems are recyclable and still perform admirably today.

4) Zinc

Zinc is perfect for clients looking for extra flair on their roof’s patina. Zinc is a tempting choice similar to copper in that it’s very durable and ages in a way that leaves every home on which it’s installed looking unique.

5) Steel

Steel is the most common metal panel roofing material used today. Thanks to its affordability and durability, steel panel roofing in Texas is flexible and customizable, coming in a wide variety of paints, finishes, and general styles to match any building.

Get the Best Metal Panel Roofing System in Texas with APEX Roofing

APEX Roofing has generations of expertise and combines that knowledge with the latest roofing technologies to deliver a superior service. Our client’s Georgetown metal panel roofing is always installed with sustainable materials that help us all live better today and save our planet for tomorrow. Call or email us today to learn more about our Georgetown metal roofing services and schedule a free roofing consultation

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