CertainTeed’s Liquid-applied Roof Restoration Coating System.
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Protect Your Commercial Roof with SMARTCOAT™ by CertainTeed

Restore your building's commercial roof and protect it from the elements with CertainTeed's SMARTCOAT roof coating system. SMARTCOAT™ silicone and acrylic roof restoration systems are a cost-effective solution to maintaining your commercial roof's longevity. The roof coating system is designed to be used over almost any existing substrate and can restore your roof to full service without spending on a new roof installation. Learn more about SMARTCOAT™ by contacting APEX Roofing today!

SMARTCOAT™ by CertainTeed

Benefits of Liquid-Applied Roof Restoration

Liquid-applied roof restoration has been growing in popularity in the roofing world. On an economic level, restoring your commercial roof instead of paying the labor cost of replacing the roof can reduce your roofing project cost by up 40%. Building owners can also enjoy the added benefit of tax advantages of roof coatings counting as maintenance expenses.

Another benefit to roof restoration is the positive environmental impact of reducing industrial waste and draining less natural resources. Coating systems leave a smaller footprint than tearing off and installing factory-made, less-reflective alternatives. Building owners will also enjoy the perks of the energy-cost savings of a bright-white, reflective roof. Learn more about everything SMARTCOAT™ by CertainTeed has to offer and contact APEX Roofing today!

SMARTCOAT™ Liquid-Applied Roof Restoration Products

The CertainTeed's SMARTCOAT™ system starts with the 100 Roof Wash to clean the roof. Once the roof is clean, our expert roofers may prep the surface with the 200 Series Bleed Blocker/Primer to optimize critical adhesion interfaces. Since the coating system is engineered to adhere to most substrates without the need for primer, it is up to the experts to determine if this step is necessary.

Once prepared, the 300 Series Mastics/Sealants system is used to seal leaks permanently to make the restoration long-lasting. After the surface is sealed, the roof is then coated using the Acrylic and Silicone Coatings of the 400 Series Coatings system. The restoration project is finally completed by reinforcing and protecting the roof using the 500 Series SMARTFAB™ Polyester and 600 Traffic Coat System.

Learn more about the SMARTCOAT™ system products and how they can protect your roof for years to come.

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