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Ceramic tile roofing shingles offer style and elegance to any roof. They’re ideal for homeowners who want a unique exterior design that’s functional and resilient. Crafted for both durability and performance, ceramic roofing tiles around Georgetown have proven to be strong against wind, water, hail, and heat, so you can rest easy knowing your home’s roofing system is built to last.
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Resilient and Elegant Tiles

What are Ceramic Roofing Tiles?

Ceramic tiles might be synonymous with clay tiles in the minds of some people; this is probably because ceramic tiles start off as clay tiles. Milled clay gets mixed with water and sand before being shaped into custom molds. Once removed from these molds, shingles are dried and fired in a kiln at high temperatures to increase their durability and weather resistance. These are the basic steps for also creating that familiar terracotta clay tile look that’s so popular throughout the southwest areas of America. 

Unglazed clay roofing tiles deliver distinctive natural tones but remain porous and vulnerable to water stains and mold. Natural clay tiles are therefore treated with a glaze or similar sealant for protection. Glazing creates a glass-like surface through a bonding process during a second firing in a kiln. Dyes are typically added at this time to create custom colors for ceramic roofing tiles, resulting in unique, waterproof ceramic tiles. 

ceramic tile roofing Georgetown, TX

The Advantages of Ceramic Tile Roofs in Georgetown, TX

There are many benefits associated with ceramic roofs in Texas; we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites here: 

1) Timeless Aesthetics 

APEX Roofing offers an almost endless choice of colors, styles, and more to make ceramic roofing tiles completely customizable. From statement colors to old-world vibes, you can design the perfect roof for your home. 

2) Superior Durability and Strength

The kiln-firing process combines unique glazes with extreme temperatures to create ceramic tiles that are fire-resistant and strong against inclement weather. You can expect your new ceramic tile roofing system to last several decades or longer. 

3) Energy Efficient 

Ceramic tile roofs around Georgetown are increasingly common as people seek to lower their energy bills. The composition of ceramic tile allows for free airflow underneath, keeping the air regulated underneath the protection described above. This balanced, reliable temperature regulates interior living spaces with comfortable climates, especially in warmer states. 

4) Environmentally Friendly

Roofs using ceramic tile are some of the most environmentally-friendly options in the industry. Several ceramic tiles are made from recyclable materials with natural origins, generally containing zero chemical preservatives. Ceramic tile roofs don’t attract dust or mites, allowing for easier air circulation for a fresher environment. 

5) Easy to Repair

Repairing a ceramic tile roof is simple, especially with the help of a professional roofing contractor nearby. When a tile breaks in the event of a hard impact, a new one can easily be put in its place so that it looks and functions like new. 

Ceramic Tile Roofing Georgetown, TX
Ceramic TILE Installation

Professional Ceramic Tile Installation Around Georgetown, TX

Although beautiful to look at and highly functional, there’s a certain art to installing ceramic tiles on a roof. They must be placed in a specific arrangement in order to achieve the proper aesthetic and airflow, making it a tricky DIY project for the average homeowner. That’s why if you’re looking to install a new ceramic tile roofing system, choosing a reputable roofing company nearby is important. 

APEX Roofing has installed ceramic tile roofs throughout Texas, making sure that the custom components our clients ask for are featured. We make sure that your ceramic tiles aren’t too heavy on your roofing system, striking the perfect balance between durability and security. We also provide ceramic tile roof maintenance services for those with older ceramic roofing systems that need some TLC. 

Ceramic Tile Roofing Georgetown, TX

Timeless Artistic Beauty for the Modern-Day Home

Whether you’re constructing a new home and want it to feature the familiar Spanish styles of old or want to recreate a neo-Mediterranean seaside villa where you live, APEX Roofing has the ceramic tile to suit your tastes. Reach out to the best roofing company around Georgetown, TX, today via phone or email to learn more about what we can do for your home and to schedule a free consultation

Let The Quality Of Our Work Speak For Itself

When you’re ready to get started, we will quickly get to work installing your new roofing system. We perform quality checks at each stage to ensure that our work is on-target until it is done. You can expect impeccable craftsmanship and lasting results once the project is completed. Don’t just take our word for it, though.

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