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Durable and Energy-Efficient

Residential Metal Roofs in Spicewood, Texas

Achieving the perfect mix of beauty and resilience in roofing is a feat that only a few materials, such as metal, can claim. Not many companies can boast the specialized skills required to install a metal roof for residential structures properly. As a leading roofing service around Spicewood, the proficient team at APEX Roofing is eager to help you fully leverage the advantages of your metal roof. When considering a new roofing system for your residence, choose the premier metal roofing contractors at APEX Roofing.

Durable Roofing Materials

APEX Roofing offers a wide selection of building materials that meet the highest industry standards for durability. In the Spicewood area, steel and aluminum rank as the most popular metal roofing materials. Steel combines enduring strength and sophistication, while aluminum roofing is energy-efficient and virtually resistant to rust.

Want a more traditional appearance? We supply stone-coated metal roofing options that combine the benefits of metal with a more customary aesthetic. Our local metal roofing installation professionals at APEX are poised to help you select the best choice for your home's architectural style!

Metal Panel Roofing

This advanced metal roofing system provides superior protection against harsh weather and fire.

Metal roofing panels in Spicewood come in various sizes and shapes, with gauges categorized by thickness. U and R panels are the most commonly used types, providing excellent protection against water, wind, fire, and hail. Steel roofing materials, once exclusive to commercial businesses and agriculture, are now used by residential homeowners. APEX Roofing offers a variety of metal paneling options, and homeowners can contact their team to learn more about their options.

Metal Shingle Roofing

Metal roofing shingles offer solid protection, customizable color selections, and aesthetic balance, adding to your home's overall value.

Characterized by a harmonious, layered design, metal roofing shingles are a great option for homeowners seeking a contemporary aesthetic. Metal shingles have been a staple in the Texas residential roofing industry for years, providing a broad array of choices. Pick your distinct metal roofing shingles based on your protective, stylistic, and budgetary preferences.

Standing Seam Roofing

This distinctive metal roof style in Spicewood needs little upkeep and provides exceptional waterproofing. The overlapping metal seams present a uniform appearance while protecting vulnerable roof sections from water damage.

In Spicewood, standing seam metal roofing comprises roofing panels that shield sensitive areas with vertical seals to inhibit water infiltration. Its excellent waterproofing attributes and minimal maintenance make it a popular choice in Texas. Installation usually follows one of two methods, contingent on your home's roof slope. Pre-manufactured snap-lock panels facilitate the process as they easily "snap" into position, while mechanical-lock metal roofing panels can accommodate even the steepest slopes. A skilled roofing contractor in your area is crucial to ensure safe and efficient installation; these panels' locks are formed on-site during your roof's installation. At APEX Roofing, we employ specialist equipment and experienced contractors to protect your home against water damage. We're committed to walking you through each step before and during your new metal roof installation. Count on APEX for a satisfying roofing experience.

Getting The Right Look

Residential Metal Roofing

The impressive durability of metal roofs consistently attracts homeowners. Ranging from weather resistance to energy saving to timeless charm, the advantages of metal roofing are manifold.

Steel Roofing

Finding a material more reliable than steel is a tough task in the Texas roofing scene. Steel roofing in Spicewood eases the load on your roofing structure while offering a pleasing aesthetic that ages gracefully and can be effortlessly restored. The local metal roofing contractors at APEX Roofing are here to assist you in seamlessly managing your metal roofing system. Affordable and available in an assortment of styles and colors, steel roofing panels make an attractive choice for nearly any roofing project.

Stone Coated Steel

Looking for a more organic aesthetic for your home while still reaping the superior durability of steel? Stone-coated steel roofing in Spicewood might be your ideal match! Our team can supply you with stone-coated metal roofing shingles that match or create virtually any style. APEX also offers faux-tile and faux-shake shingles for homeowners aiming for a rustic look without the maintenance difficulties of a traditional wooden roof.

Aluminum Roofing

When choosing a metal roofing system in Spicewood, TX, rust resistance is a common concern. Aluminum roofing offers the solution: not only is aluminum virtually immune to rust and other types of corrosion, but it also reflects sunlight to help keep homes cooler in the summer. Given that cooling a home accounts for 50% of all energy expenses, an aluminum roof in Texas can yield significant savings!

Real Customers Love Us


Jeff and Everett did a great job on a roof repair after the September hail storm and upgraded our roof flashing to block pests. Jeff came back the next morning to follow up on a small spot they missed. Great service and easy to work with. I will call Apex in the future. 

Paul de Paoli
Google Review

Project manager John Bear and his company Apex Roofing have done a wonderful job installing a new roof and gutters with gutter screens on my 21-year-old house whose last roof was installed in 2010. We installed a new roof then, and the last gutter job was in 2003. John made it easy for me. I met him one day and that same day he inspected my roof. He met the adjuster when he came to put the estimate together. I was not even present for that. We also got approved and attic breeze 45 watt solar fan which should make my attic much cooler and reduce my energy cost. Additionally, I will get a tax credit for the solar fan. I was only out of pocket for my $3000 deductible and 500 to upgrade to class 4 impact resistant shingle. I got the $34,000 roof for $3500. John was there the entire day the roof was installed. He checked everything very carefully throughout the process. I highly recommend Apex Roofing and John Bear. Five star all the way! 

Jim Word
Google Review

A neighbor near me recommended APEX Roofing. I had commented while I was on a walk how nice their roof looked after their job was completed. So glad I chose APEX for my roof replacement. My APEX specialist was Jonah Rivera; I could not have been more satisfied! Honesty, integrity, very knowledgeable about insurance procedures, a roofing expert, and of course his friendliness. Jonah was here onsite while most of the install took place. The crew was excellent, fast, and cleaned up well after the job. THANK YOU Jonah, the APEX staff, and the very hard working crew for a great job!! 

David R Durham
Google Review

We had a great experience with Apex. John Bear was a pleasure to work every step of the way. He was always prompt and clear in his communication and helped us work with our insurance company. He’s also a genuinely friendly person. Our new roof was completed in a day and looks great. I know some of my friends will be needing new roofs in the near future, and I won’t hesitate to refer them to Apex. 

Rachael Hellman
Google Review

These guys were great! The before and after make my house seem brand new! They made it so easy working with the insurance company. I had another company bid and try to screw me over. This team went the extra mile to be fair and honest. Thank you! 

Mollie Kirby
Google Review

Adam and his crew with Apex did a great job! I used their service to replace two roofs over 90 days. Very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and tidy upon completion. Adam is both trustworthy and committed to doing his work with excellence. 

David Robinson
Google Review

Apex Roofing are amazing. We have worked with them on two completely replaced roofing projects for our communities as well as smaller repair roofing projects and each time as been excellent work done. They are very communicative regards to scheduling and keeping us updated on status of our projects. 

Chelcey Tennison
Google Review

We used APEX for a roof repair on a old metal roof. They recommended repair and not full roof replacement. They replaced all the screws, added and/or replaced old flashing and replaced rotten wood. Excellent work. It took longer to do the work and did not charge extra.. just paid their estimate. 

Russell Roper
Google Review

This is the second time I have used APEX Roofing. Our contact Chris Montgomery did a great job of keeping us informed of the process and what was next. The roof was damaged by hail and looks great after replacement. I have recommended APEX and Chris to our neighbors and friends for their roofing needs. 

James Reese
Google Review

From start to finish Ray Downer and crew were fantastic. Professional, punctual, very patient with me, explained everything, wonderful work, a Godsend honestly. Highly recommend. 

Amanda Waters
Google Review
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