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Roofer Pflugerville, TX

APEX Roofing in Pflugerville, TX

If you're in search of a trustworthy residential roofing company in Pflugerville, TX, it's essential to choose one rooted in reliability and integrity. APEX Roofing delivers outstanding roofing solutions at a budget-friendly price. Our dedication is to ensure that our customers receive the best residential roofing options available. The roofing supplies we utilize come from top-tier roofing manufacturers in the industry. We exclusively bring highly skilled roofing professionals on board to repair or replace your Pflugerville roof. Besides supplying and installing premier roofing materials, APEX Roofing takes pride in offering unmatched client service. If quality service from a dedicated residential roofing team is what you're after, reach out to our team by phone or email today.

Roofing in Pflugerville, TX
Roofing in Pflugerville, TX
Residential Roofing in Pflugerville, TX
Roof Replacement in Pflugerville, TX

Roof Replacement Services You Can Trust

All roofing materials, regardless of quality, have an estimated lifespan. Years of enduring weather conditions mean that, over time, your roof might degrade and require an update, especially without regular upkeep. As a reliable residential roofing company, APEX Roofing extends top-notch roof replacement services in Pflugerville, TX. Our expertise spans numerous roofing materials, guiding you in selecting the perfect fit for your needs. Besides our stellar roof replacement services, we conduct roof inspections to determine if a few basic repairs would suffice or if a total roof replacement is needed. We thoroughly assess the state of your roof and provide recommendations for repairs or replacement with full information on why. Additionally, replacing a roof isn't the only option; you can explore further our diverse roofing services APEX offers by checking our residential roofing options.

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Residential Roofing 

Pflugerville’s Roof Repair Services

APEX Roofing is your go-to residential roofing company when you aim for a robust roof over your home. We cater to even the minutest roof details, including flashing. Our talents cover a broad range of residential roofing systems and styles, both traditional and modern. Get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation regarding your residential roofing repair in Pflugerville, TX, and allow APEX’s roofing skills to safeguard your belongings and loved ones.

Roof Leak Repair

An unrepaired roof leak can cause water damage and mold growth that can ruin interior ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture. If you have found a leak in your roof, reach out to our experts for a free roof inspection.

Wind Damage Repair

Missing roofing materials are a sure sign that your roof was damaged in the last wind storm. High winds can destroy a compromised roof within minutes! Wind can also cause damage over years by slowly deteriorating or moving shingles, causing leaks into the sub roofing, attic, and interior structural support beams. Contact APEX Roofing to take a look at your roof after a major storm.

Hail Damage Repairs

A hail-damaged roof has been compromised and can no longer shield your house from water damage. It is imperative to get your roof inspected after a hail storm to determine the amount of damage to create a plan for repair or a total roof replacement.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

APEX Roofing is proud to offer the best quality chimney repair services in the county. Chimneys can be extremely vulnerable when your roof has a leak or needs repair. With our chimney repair service, our technicians can make sure your chimney isn’t leaking or having additional issues. Have your chimney inspected by APEX Roofing! 

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Soffits and fascia need to be maintained in order to prevent significant damage to your attic. If you’ve started to notice an increased presence of pests in your home, it might be time to have our team perform an inspection.

Services to Repair and Install Metal and Shingle Roofing

Metal and Shingle Roofing

Metal roofing systems are more durable than traditional shingles, lasting longer and withstanding gusty winds and hailstorms. The installation process is fast and cost-effective, and roofers can help customers understand the advantages of metal roofing. They are also more cost-effective than shingle roofs.

APEX Roofing offers installation services for various types of roofing shingles, including premium styles, textures, and materials. These shingles provide distinct benefits for your roof, increasing its aesthetic appeal and ensuring durability against powerful weather events. Roofers can install shingles to enhance your home's performance and provide installation services for all types of shingles.

APEX Roofing is a reliable residential roofing company in Pflugerville, TX, offering metal or shingle roof installation services, ensuring the necessary roofing service is provided to clients.

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Emergency Roof Repair in Pflugerville

Ignoring significant roof damage can lead to grave consequences. Such damages necessitate prompt attention from a seasoned, local roofing expert who ensures professionalism and precision. Overlooking emergency roof repairs can jeopardize your home and its inhabitants. For prompt and efficient 24-hour emergency roofing repairs in Pflugerville, TX, dial APEX Roofing. Whether a tree has crashed into your residence or there are multiple leak points on your roof, we're here to assist. Our team will promptly evaluate the damage, secure your roof with a robust tarping system to prevent further water damage, and plan future repairs.

Let The Quality Of Our Work Speak For Itself

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll quickly get to work installing your new roofing system. We perform quality checks at each stage to ensure that our work is beyond reproach. You can expect impeccable craftsmanship and lasting results once the project is completed! Don’t just take our word for it though. See what our customers have to say about us!


Quality Roofing Service In 4 Easy Steps

The value of a thorough roof inspection is hard to overstate. A timely inspection can be the difference between cheap preventative maintenance and a costly emergency down the road. 

1. Inspection & Planning

First, we inspect the roof and decide if it needs only repairs or a total replacement. Pictures are taken for insurance purposes, if needed and then next steps are recommended to the homeowner, like meeting the adjustor on site.

2. Development & Design

We provide a written quote with an estimated date of installation, material list, and scope of work. Colors are also chosen at this stage, and if all is approved, a contract is signed.

3. Execution & Delivery

Materials are dropped off typically a day in advance of installation. The roofing crew then arrives to install your new roof. On average, an installation takes between 1-3 days as your project manager continually oversees the project. The site is then totally cleared of all debris, nails, and trash upon job completion. Any leftover material will be picked up within a few days.

4. Quality Follow-Up

Payment typically will be collected at this time. If insurance is involved, our accounting department then files completion paperwork. Click here for our Workmanship Warranty and/or questions regarding insurance payments and claims.

Roof Leak Repair

Full-Service Roof Leak Repairs Near You

APEX Roofing, as a full-service roofing company, is equipped to deploy a team of trained experts to address any roofing issue you may have. Regardless if it’s a leaking roof that just needs some repairs or if it’s a damaged roofing system in need of total replacement, our residential and commercial roofing specialists are ready to work. Contact us today via phone or email so that what seems like “just a little water” doesn’t turn into a flood within your walls.
Roof Leak Repair
Shingle Roof Replacement

APEX Roofing has a previous insurance adjuster on staff and we use his expertise to help guide the homeowner through the claims process.


Request an inspection for a qualified roofing company.


Contact your insurance company if damage is found and file a claim.


When your insurance adjustor sets up an appointment to do your property inspection, let your roofer know so they can be there on your behalf during the inspection and share our findings as well.


Contact your roofing company when you receive your paperwork/or a check from your insurance company. Sign the contract and pick out shingle type/colors. Then the roofing company orders your materials and your roof replacement project is scheduled!