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Durable and Energy-Efficient

Premium Metal Roofing Solutions in Lago Vista, TX

Few roofing materials can match the sophistication and durability of metal, and not many roofing companies possess the expertise to install a residential metal roof properly. APEX Roofing boasts the skilled team needed to optimize the benefits of your metal roof. So, when it's time to upgrade your home with a new roofing system, choose the leading roofing company near Lago Vista.

APEX Metal Roofing Lago Vista, TX
Metal Roofing in Lago Vista, TX

Durable Roofing Materials

APEX Roofing offers an extensive selection of construction materials that meet top-notch durability standards. In Lago Vista, the most popular metal roofing materials are steel and aluminum. Steel boasts longevity and aesthetic appeal, while aluminum roofing is energy-efficient and practically immune to rust.

Looking for a more natural appearance? Stone-coated metal roofing options provide the same benefits of metal with a more organic look. Allow APEX's local metal roofing installation specialists to help you select the perfect option for your home's style!

Styles to Match Any Aesthetic 

Metal Roofing Styles

Metal Panel Roofing: This advanced metal roofing system provides exceptional protection against severe weather and fire damage.

Metal Shingle Roofing: Metal roofing shingles offer strong protection, customizable color choices, and visual harmony, all of which increase your home's value.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: This distinctive metal roof in Lago Vista features low maintenance and superior waterproofing. Overlapping metal seams create a uniform look while safeguarding vulnerable roof areas from water damage.

Metal Shingles

Available in various shapes and sizes, metal roofing panels in Lago Vista are easy to install and maintain. Professional roofers categorize metal roofing panels using a system called "gauging." A lower gauge number signifies a thicker panel. The most commonly used metal panels for roofing are U panels and R panels. Both options provide excellent resistance to wind, water, hail, and fire. Once limited to agricultural or commercial structures, metal panels' remarkable capabilities are now accessible to homeowners throughout Texas and beyond. With the help of APEX Roofing's local metal roof installation experts, you can customize your new roof to meet your individual preferences and needs.

Metal Paneling

Simple to install and maintain, metal roofing panels come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Expert roofers classify these panels by their gauging or thickness (the thicker the panel the lower the gauge), with most being U or R panels. If you are looking for roofing panels that can endure the harshness of the element, metal roofing panels will provide great protection from hail, wind, rain, and fire. Known for their use for commercial buildings, metal roofing panels have made their way over to the residential side of roofing with many homes in Texas adopting them as their go-to roofing material. If you are looking for expert roofers to install a new roof using metal roofing panels, contact APEX Roofing today for a consultation!

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing near Lago Vista consists of roofing panels that overlap vulnerable areas with vertical seals to prevent water intrusion. With unmatched waterproofing and easy maintenance, it's no surprise that standing seam metal roofs have become a popular choice in Texas. Installation typically takes one of two approaches, depending on your home's roof slope. Prefabricated snap-lock panels streamline the process as they simply "snap" into place, while mechanical-lock metal roofing panels can be used to install a standing seam roofing system on even the steepest slopes. You'll need a skilled roofing contractor nearby to complete the work efficiently and safely; these panels' locks are formed on-site during your roof's installation. APEX Roofing employs specialized tools and experienced contractors to ensure your home's protection against water damage. We're happy to guide you through each step of the process before and during your new metal roof installation. Trust APEX for total roofing satisfaction.

Metal Roofing Material
Metal Roof Lago Vista, TX

Residential Metal Roofing

Homeowners consistently choose metal roofs for their renowned durability. From weather resistance to energy efficiency to timeless charm, the advantages of metal roofing are countless.

Steel Roofing

In the Texas roofing market, it's hard to find a building material with a better reputation than steel. Steel roofing in Lago Vista keeps the weight on your roofing system low while offering an appealing appearance as it ages gracefully and can be easily refreshed. Your local metal roofing contractors at APEX Roofing will help you maintain your metal roofing system hassle-free. Affordable and available in various styles and colors, steel roofing panels are an attractive option for almost any roofing project.

Stone Coated Steel

Do you want a more natural look for your home while still benefiting from the inherent durability of steel? Stone-coated steel roofing in Lago Vista is precisely what you need! Our team can provide you with metal roofing stone shingles to match or create virtually any look. APEX even offers faux-tile and faux-shake shingles for homeowners seeking a rustic appearance without the maintenance challenges of a wooden roof.

Aluminum Roofing

When selecting a metal roofing system in Lago Vista, TX, some homeowners are concerned about rust resistance. That's where aluminum roofing shines: aluminum is virtually impervious to rust and other forms of corrosion, and it reflects sunlight to help cool homes in the summer. Given that cooling a house accounts for 50% of all energy costs, you'll quickly appreciate the financial benefits of an aluminum roof in Texas!

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