Metal Roofing in Horseshoe Bay, TX

Metal Roofing
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Durable and Energy-Efficient

Metal Roofing in Horseshoe Bay, TX

Not many roof materials can compete with the durability and beauty of a metal roof, just like not every roofing company has the expertise to install a residential metal roofing system correctly. APEX Roofing has the talented team needed to get the most out of this versatile roofing material, so when it comes time for you to upgrade your home with a new metal roof, accept nothing less than the best roofing company around Horseshoe Bay, TX

APEX Metal Roofing Horseshoe, TX
Metal Roofing in Horseshoe, TX

Durable Roofing Materials

APEX Roofing’s diverse selection of construction materials comes with industry-leading standards of impact resistance and more. The two most popular choices for metal roofing in Horseshoe Bay are aluminum and steel. Aluminum is energy efficient and practically immune to being eaten away by rust. Steel offers impressive durability and continues to look beautiful long after its installation. Stone-coated metal roofing materials offer the same benefits as a metal roof but with a more natural appearance. Let the local metal roofing installation professionals help you make the decision for which metal and style best suits your home’s aesthetic and budget. 

Styles to Match Any Aesthetic 

Metal Roofing Styles

Metal Shingles: this metal roofing material provides hardened protection, aesthetic harmony, and a no-nonsense design, which are all appropriate for critical homeowners to appreciate. 

Metal Panel Roofing: this engineered metal roofing system delivers outstanding fire and weather protection for any home. 

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: this type of metal roofing system around Horseshoe Bay boasts stellar waterproofing and easy maintenance requirements. Seams include overlapping vertical locks of weather-resistant steel that prevent water from entering the lower layers of your roof. 

Metal Shingles

Featuring a symmetrical, layered design, metal roofing shingles are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a more modern feel. Experts in the roofing industry have been making use of metal shingles in Texas for residential roofing for decades, meaning that there are a lot of choices available. Choose your unique metal roofing shingles based on your protection, design, and budget needs. 

Metal Paneling

Simple to both maintain and install, metal roofing panels in Horseshoe Bay come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Professional roofers generally categorize them by panel thickness in a process called “gauging.” The lower the gauge number is, the thicker the metal panel. The most used types of metal roofing panels are U panels and R panels. Both offer great fire, water, wind, and hail protection. The sturdy capabilities of steel roofing materials were once exclusive to commercial businesses and agricultural operations, but today, countless homeowners can take advantage of their properties for their residences. With the help of APEX Roofing’s team of local metal roof installers, you, too, can customize your new roof to suit your individual tastes and needs. 

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing near Horseshoe Bay features metal panels that overlap with vertical locks to seal out water. With peerless waterproofing and little maintenance, it’s no wonder that standing seam metal roofs have become common throughout Texas and beyond. Installation is finished in one of two ways that depend on the slope of your roof’s frame. Prefabricated snap-lock panels speed the process, as they only need to be “snapped” into place. Not restricted to only low-sloped roofs, mechanical lock panels are available to accommodate even the steepest pitches. You’ll require an experienced roofing contractor nearby to perform the work safely and efficiently; these panels’ locks are crafted on-site during installation. APEX Roofing utilizes special tools and highly-trained teams of experienced roofing professionals to protect your home against water damage, happily talking you through each step of the process should you want it. Always count on APEX for superior workmanship and customer service. 

Metal Roofing Material
Metal Roof Horseshoe Bay, TX

Residential Metal Roofing

Homeowners are pulled to metal roofing systems for a variety of reasons. They deliver decades of highly-durable weather resistance, are energy efficient, and have fewer water leaks overall. This translates into fewer repairs or total roof replacements in the long run. 

Steel Roofing

Steel has perhaps the “sturdiest” reputation in the Texas roofing industry for good reasons. Steel roofing around Horseshoe Bay offers high strength and a charming aesthetic while keeping the weight on your roofing system low. Several homeowners are partial towards this material because it ages gracefully. Your Texas metal roofing system will be able to clean up to the same sheen as the first day it was installed with little effort. As steel is also a readily-available roofing material, it’s only become more cost-effective for even the biggest roofing projects. 

Stone Coated Steel

Do you like the idea of a metal roofing system’s durability but want a more natural aesthetic? Stone-coated steel roofing in Horseshoe Bay might just be what you’re looking for! Our crews can find a stone finish for your metal roofing tiles to match or create nearly any appearance. We can even provide faux-shake or faux-tile finishes for homeowners who’ve always wanted the rustic look of a wooden roofing system without the headache of maintaining it. 

Aluminum Roofing

When considering a metal roofing system in Horseshoe, Bay, TX, some homeowners are concerned that rust might eat away at their investment. For those who have such worries, aluminum might be the solution that gives them both the new metal roof they’ve wanted along with peace of mind. Aluminum roofing is practically immune to rusting along with other forms of natural corrosion, and it reflects the sun’s rays to keep any home cool during the hottest months. Considering that cooling and heating a home accounts for nearly 50% of energy expenses, this is no small savings. Lower your energy bills and give your overworked HVAC system a break by choosing an aluminum roofing system in Texas! 

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