Apr 14th, 2021

Why gutter installation is important

Have you just moved into your house and as you look at it from the street, you’re thinking it needs something?  Then you realize it doesn’t have any gutters, maybe that’s what is missing!  So, instead of having a professional gutter installation job done, you’re asking yourself, “Can I install gutters myself?”, and save some money. The gutters on your home are an important part of protecting your home from the elements. A DIY gutter installation is possible, but remember, it is important to follow the gutter installation instructions. If the gutter installation isn’t done right, the gutters can’t do their job of transporting water safely from the roof and your home out and away.

Just how do you attach gutters? Here are the basics of the gutter installation process.  You’ll find exact instructions with the gutter materials or online. Some home improvement stores offer free classes on basic home improvement projects too. 

  • Get Accurate Roof Measurements: This is a must so that you purchase enough of the right gutter materials. Measure the entire length of the roof all the way around your home unless the gutter installation instructions you’re using suggest you don’t need gutters on all sides. Include on downspout for every 40 feet of gutter run.
  • Mark the Downward Slope: Your gutter installation will need to have a gradual downward slope but look as if they are level. That downward slope is what allows the water to move to the downspout without pooling in the gutter runs. Mark the fascia with chalk every 10 feet and hang the gutter run in drops of one-fourth, one-half, and three-fourth inches toward the downspouts. 
  • Attach the Downspouts: Take the downspout outlets and trace them with the chalk on the facia where they are to be attached. Cut the outlet shape using tin snips and attach the outlet carefully in that area, sealing with the waterproof silicone sealant. 
  • Cut Your Gutters: Using the slope you’ve marked, mount the gutter runs. Use a hacksaw to trim down if needed. 
  • Mount the Supports: Perhaps the most important part of a gutter installation is the supports. Attach the gutter brackets to the fascia by drilling a one eight-inch pilot hole at the downward slope you marked earlier.  Next, with 2 inch long, one-fourth inch stainless, secure the brackets in place to the fascia.  Now, lay the gutter runs into the brackets.
  • Attach the Downspouts: With all the gutter runs in place, screw the downspouts to the attached gutter outlets with the end pointing directly toward the desired drainage area. This area should be where your driveway, garden, and lawn aren’t flooded. 

When you’ve completed your gutter installation, go around and using the waterproof sealant at all the seams to ensure a waterproof gutter installation job. 

Do you install gutters under drip edge?

Because water will follow the drip edge line, the gutter installation with drip edge should be underneath so that it is projected outward. This capillary action will ultimately drip into the gutter run and with the slight slope of the gutter run, the water flows to the downspouts. 

Why does water leak behind my gutters?

If you notice after your gutter installation that water is leaking behind the gutters, review your gutter installation work. Did you install the gutters behind the drip edge? If so, you’ll need to remove and reposition them and reseal any gutter run joints. If you leave the gutter installation as it is, the water will eventually damage the fascia, rotting the wood, and you’ll have bigger problems. 

How do you seal a gutter joint?

Part of a DIY homeowner gutter installation job will include gutter installation and repair.  When you find a leak at gutter the gutter joints, or you need any repair to the fascia, you want to use a good waterproof sealant. There are many on the market, be sure to choose one that is clear and easy to use, like in a tube where you can simply squeeze it into the cracks or holes you're repairing. 

Do roofers install gutters?

Yes, and if you’re getting a new roof, having the gutter installation done at the same time is standard procedure. Yes, there are gutter companies and all they do are gutter installations, but they can’t do roofing. If you’re not getting a new roof and just need gutter installation, then use a gutter company. If you decide to do your own gutter installation, be sure to review the instructions and watch several videos first. Use all safety recommendations like properly placed and secured ladder, safety belt or harness, and never do this job alone. Having a second person there will prove to be invaluable. Call (512) 660-4859 today for your gutter installation in Georgetown, TX.