Feb 1st, 2022

What Do You Do After Storm Damage?

If your home has been hit with roof storm damage it may be time to contact your local roofing company for assistance. Your insurance provider will most likely cover your roof depending on the policy that you have so make sure to make a claim. As roof storm damage can range it’s best to be familiar with general information in order to be better prepared. Read below to see how roof storm damage can affect you and what measures to take when damages need to be avoided or addressed.

How do I know if my roof has storm damage?

Your property may have gotten roof storm damage after a storm has passed be they from harsh winds, heavy rainfall, hail, and other inclement weather. If you notice that there are missing shingles it could be that high winds have caused loosened shingles to blow off or flying debris may have broken them. You may see exposed roof flashing in these cases. With indentions, dents, or dings a hail storm is likely to have caused distinct divots on your roofing materials. Hail can impact even metal roofing materials depending on the size of the hail ball and the speed at which it fell. Finally, you may see trees scrape your roof and in some cases fall onto your roof. Perforations can form which can eventually cause leaks to form. Make sure to have trees trimmed away from your roof to avoid these issues from arising in the future.

How do I protect my roof from storm damage?

You’ll be able to protect your roof from roof storm damage by taking precautionary measures with your roof from maintenance and more. One thing to keep in mind is clearing your roof and gutters from debris, leaves, and more. With water, snow, and ice for example you’ll have a heavier load on your roof as well as a potential for water damages. As far as your gutters, if there is a clog then water won’t have a pathway of existing your roof and will accumulate on your roof. After a harsh storm or at the very least annually, you should have a professional come out to your property to conduct a roof inspection. Here you can see any hidden cracks, punctures, and leaks and have preliminary roof repair measures taken before problems inevitably worsen over time.

How can I protect my roof?

Keep Your Gutters Clean Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles Immediately Keep Nearby Branches Trimmed Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly Check Metal Areas for Rust Check for Signs of Moss, Fungus, or Algae Seal Any Cracked Mortar or Caulking Around Joints and Chimneys

What wind speed causes roof damage?

Winds that are 70-90 mph are the starting point for causing roof storm damage yet depending on the situation a 50 mph wind speed may damage a roof.

Does insurance cover water damage from a roof leak?

If a leak was caused by roof storm damage and happened suddenly then it may be covered with standard homeowners’ insurance.

What are some insurance tips for after the storm?

Contact your insurance as soon as you can after roof storm damage has occurred so that an adjuster can come out to the property and start documenting the damage. Make sure that a roof inspection is done with a professional roofing company with pictures taken to support your claim.

What should you not say to an insurance adjuster?

When you are speaking to an insurance adjuster keep your answers short about your roof storm damage and don’t give any details if they aren’t specifically asked by the adjuster. Inaccurate statements from you could come back to damage your claim.

Can a leaking ceiling collapse?

A leaking roof from roof storm damage can collapse depending on the severity of the condition. With a huge puncture on the roof or waterlogged beams, you can see the danger to the structural integrity of the roof. If water accumulates and pools on the ceiling then the entire ceiling could collapse. 

How do I waterproof my roof?

Depending on the type of roofing material you have you will be able to waterproof your roof. There are spray liquid coatings that you may apply to your roof so speak to a professional to see what can be done with the application. 

What causes roof damage?

Roof damages, in general, can be caused at large by neglect and improper installations. It’s important to have maintenance yearly as well as roof inspections are done with your property. Making sure materials are not damaged even in small areas is important as essentially problems spread to other areas of the roof. Once your roof reaches a certain age material will be more susceptible to damages such as rotting or cracking. What’s more harsh weather conditions can prey on roofing materials that are new and old so if a particularly bad storm has come around check the condition of your roof.

Have Your Roof Storm Damage Fixed With a Qualified Roofer

Only with the help of a professional roofing company can roof storm damage be fixed in accordance with our property specifications and build. Roof storm damage can range in severity depending on the materials of your roof, the region that you live in, and other factors so a roof inspection is recommended. Get assistance with roof storm damage in Georgetown, TX call (512) 660-4859 with APEX Roofing today!