Jul 30th, 2020

How Long Can You Leave a Leaking Roof?

Once you discover a roof leak, you should get it repaired quickly. Roof leaks are serious and often constitute an emergency roof repair. What makes roof leaks so serious? The longer they are left unchecked, the more damage it can cause. A long-term leak in the attic, for instance, can cause rafters and joists to rot, which eventually could cause the roof to sag or even collapse. Leaks will eventually seep to your ceiling, often pooling there until the water weakens the building material and breaks through it. A leak that’s reached your ceiling will cause the ceiling to turn brown, and will usually make paint bubble. Roof leaks also put your home at risk for mold growth. Mold can take less than 24 hours to develop. It is a potential health hazard and can weaken structures. If you have a roof leak and need emergency roof repair in Georgetown, TX, you can count on Apex Roofing for fast, effective repairs on all types of roofs.

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

Anytime you have a roof leak, it needs to be repaired quickly. If a roof leak develops while it’s raining, an emergency roof repair is definitely necessary. Roof leaks that develop when it rains often spread quickly, breaking through your ceiling and damaging the interior of your home.

What should you do if your roof is leaking?

When you discover a roof leak, you’ll want to act quickly to minimize water damage. You’ll obviously want to call a reliable roofer like Apex Roofing for an emergency roof leak repair. In the meantime, if the leak has burst through the ceiling you’ll first want to cover furniture, electronics, and other valuables to prevent water damage. Follow up by putting out buckets and towels and anything else to catch the water. A wheeled trash container is useful in this case, especially if you have a lot of water gushing from the ceiling. When the trash container is filled, it can be wheeled outside and emptied. After you’ve gotten the water contained, it’s time to get as much of your furniture or other property cleaned up. You will probably also want to call your insurance agent and file a claim if the damage appears to be serious.

Can a roof leak be fixed from the inside?

Except as an emergency roof repair, it is not advised to attempt to repair a roof leak from inside your home. While any hole you might patch from inside the attic or on the ceiling may stop the leak temporarily, the repair will only divert the water to another spot where a new leak could develop. When you have a roof leak, it means water has gotten past the shingles and underlayment and penetrated into the attic or ceiling. You’ll have to repair or replace the shingles and underlayment to completely stop the leak. 

How do I temporarily fix my roof?

If you are caught in a bind, for instance, if it is still raining, when you have a leak, you can make temporary fixes in an emergency situation. Follow the steps as outlined below:

How to make emergency roof repair

  • Minimize damage inside your home by draining leaking water from the ceiling into a bucket or trash can. Usually, you can fairly easily open a large enough hole in the ceiling using a screwdriver to let the water drain past.
  • From the attic, trace the path of the leak to the roof’s sheathing. Leaks often run down rafters until pooling on the ceiling, so you can trace back to the leak’s origin and mark the spot.
  • Once the rain has subsided, you will need to get on the roof and find the spot on the roof that you marked from inside. 
  • Once you’ve located the leak on the roof, you can now place a tarp over the damaged area. Use enough tarp to cover the section of the roof from the eave to the ridge. It’s preferable to use boards rather than nails to secure the tarp in place.

Securing a tarp over a damaged section of the roof is one of the best temporary fixes available, especially if you do not have spare shingles or materials like roofing cement available to make a patch. 

Emergency roof repair kit

In some cases, there are a few handy items to keep around to make a quick temporary emergency roof repair. Roofing cement is always handy, as you can use it to seal up loose areas of flashing around vents and chimneys. Using tools like caulk guns and trowels you can spread the cement or sealant on curled shingles and press them back down. The sealant can also be spread in between and over cracks for a temporary repair to cracked shingles. Some hardware stores may sell emergency roof repair kits with sealant as well as materials for patching your roof.

Emergency roof repair near me

Whenever you need emergency roof repair in Georgetown, TX, look to the professionals at Apex Roofing. We offer a full range of roofing solutions for emergency situations. Get help today by calling (512) 660-4859.