Mar 2nd, 2021

Do metal roofs require maintenance?

Can I pressure wash a metal roof? When your commercial building needs roofing, the budget is the first concern followed by how quickly the job can be completed. The next concern is what kind of roofing material will be used, which is determined by budget, climate, and environment. A popular choice many commercial structure owners are considering is metal roofing. Some owners of commercial structures aren’t completely sold on metal roofing, so the following questions we have provided helpful answers. For more detail on the pros and cons of metal roofing, choosing a metal roofing company with a reputation of experience can be a great source of information.

Sometimes, a company needs to watch the budget, and having commercial metal roofing is one expense many owners will skip having it done. However, that isn’t the best thing for the longevity of metal roofing, so, cleaning your own metal roofing is possible. 

Using a pressure washer set on light strength with hot water. If the roof has easy access, use a detergent with a light pressure wash. Depending on the type of metal roofing you have, there are some factors to have in mind: 

  • Flat metal roofing with a slight slope allows making it walkable with extreme caution.
  • Metal roofing with a moderately high pitch should be cleaned from a ladder. Spraying a chemical product with the low-pressure cleaner. Because of the slope, do not walk on this metal roofing. 

How do you maintain a metal roof?

 Metal roofing maintenance is minimal which is a strong attraction for anyone on the fence on choosing metal roofing. It is important for it to be correctly installed and for regular inspection and maintenance to be performed. Any sign of an issue or problem found during an inspection shouldn’t be overlooked. Keeping maintenance current includes repairs. The maintenance steps should include the following steps: 

  • Algae, Dirt, Mildew, and Stains
    • Cleaning any algae, dirt, mildew, and stains off your metal roofing will extend the lifespan and the curb appeal. 
  • Gutters and Drains
    • Gutters and drains collect debris, leaves, and sticks, as well as attract small critters and insects. These collect and clog the drain, causing water pooling which can facilitate corrosion. Annual cleaning will prevent this from happening.  
  • Clean Dead Spots and Valleys
    • When the “dead spots” and valleys are dirty and cluttered, your metal roofing becomes aged, ugly, and unappealing. Tree branches and leaves left on metal roofing will scratch and stain, shortening the lifespan of your metal roofing. 

How often do metal roofs need to be painted?

On average, metal roofing should be repainted every ten years or so, but the manufacturer's brand and type of paint may require more frequent. With each annual inspection, the roofing contractor should advise you if it is time for your metal roofing to be repainted. 

All metal roofing types can be repainted, but you should not have it painted for the first six months. It takes metal roofing time to weather and the paint will adhere better and last longer by waiting. 

How often should you replace the screws on a metal roof?

Metal roofing is known as an incredibly durable roof, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need repairs and touch-ups from time to time. Because it is exposed to the elements 24/7/365, it will weather, and some components will need attention from time to time. 

Metal roofing contracts and expands with the temperature. This causes the metal panels to shift, resulting in the screw holes stretching and the screws come loose or pop out. 

Annual inspections by a professional roofing contractor will find these loose or missing screws, and you should do your own monthly inspections as well to find these issues. Replace the screws as needed, using gaskets and sealant to secure their fit and protect from water leaks. Most metal roofing screws will give you 10 years before they need replacing. 

How do you stop a metal roof from leaking?

The best metal roofing leak prevention is to stop a leak before it happens. However, if your metal roofing develops a leak, follow these steps:  Locate the Leaks: This is usually the puncture holes or the seams.   Remove the Screws: Remove any loose screws with a nail bar and replace them along with replacing any that are missing. Use aluminum nails that are 1-1/2 inch long and hammer them in  Seal the Gaps: Remove old caulk and clean areas where gaps are found and then apply a single layer of metal-roofing base coat. Next, apply a glass-membrane fabric in preparation for the next step.   Apply Roof Cement: Once all the screws needing replacement are in place, and you have located all the loose seams, cleaned the areas, it is time to apply urethane cement.

To ensure a quieter metal roofing setup, ask the roofing contractor their methods and options of install the roofing. A main point to cover is if they install metal roofing without plywood for decking. You should request a decking so that you can have metal roofing with insulation installed.  These are two factors that will make your metal roofing quieter, which even in a commercial environment is a plus. Call (512) 660-4859 today for your metal roofing needs in Georgetown, TX.