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Gutters go hand in hand with a healthy roof. It may sound obvious, but gutters are frequently overlooked. When working properly, the entire system safely guides rainwater away from the foundation of the home. When gutters malfunction or are missing, however, they often cause terrible damage. 

Importance of Functioning Gutters

The role of gutters is extremely important but easy to overlook.

 The key role of a gutter system is obviously to properly drain water from the roofline. If gutters are nonexistent or clogged with debris, water will naturally pool against the home versus runoff in a healthier location. When moisture is absorbed into the soil, it can cause the ground to shift over time, potentially affecting the home’s siding, pipes and fracturing the foundation. This leads to exorbitantly expensive repair costs to fix plumbing and foundation damage.

Damaged gutters can also allow water to soak into fascia boards or the attic, allowing the potential for mold and rot.  If water reaches insulation and ceiling spaces, expensive repairs soon follow.

Properly working gutters, however, safely drain water away from the foundation and is either absorbed into land or cast down the street. Keeping gutters in good shape requires consistent inspection, maintenance, and (occasional) repairs. 

That’s why APEX Roofing works to provide homeowners with affordable gutter services in Georgetown and surrounding communities. 

Are your gutters working properly?

If you notice your gutters overflowing during a rainstorm, they are clogged and not draining correctly. APEX Roofing offers maintenance and repair services if needed to extend the life of your gutter system. This includes inspecting seams for corrosion and proper sealing if needed. Holes, large or small, will be filled to prevent leaks into the foundation and soil. If needed, our roofers can also replace sections that have become too damaged to fix.

Once the work is complete, your home will once again be safe and secure with an efficiently functioning gutter system. We can also inspect the rest of your roofing system to ensure healthy rooftop protection!

Installation and Replacement

The key factor in determining how long your gutter system will last is the quality of installation. Poorly installed gutters will experience accelerated corrosion and weakening in the seams, while professionally installed gutters can go many years without issues. APEX Roofing also offers LeafBlaster Pro gutter guards by Gutterglove that keeps leaves and debris OUT of your gutters, saving you time while offering peace of mind. 

Leave it to APEX Roofing to design and install your gutter system, and know your gutters will have long-lasting functionality and lower maintenance requirements. 


As you may have read in our metal roofing section, aluminum is practically invulnerable to rust and other forms of corrosion. This makes it a convenient solution for guttering because you won’t have to deal with weakening metal. Aluminum also comes in a variety of colors for individual style preferences. 

Key Perks of Aluminum Guttering

  • Very Affordable
  • Highly Corrosion Resistant
  • Effective in Any Climates
  • Available in Many Colors

If your home is in need of gutter repairs or installation, call our office at (512) 660-4859 and ask about our Georgetown, TX APEX Gutter services!

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